>Mixology Monday – Some Like It Hot


I have been wanting to participate in the ‘Mixology Monday‘ series for some time now.  I was intimidated by last month’s theme ‘See You on the Flipside’.  I think I’ve only mixed a couple of flips, and didn’t really enjoy either of them.  But this month…’Some Like It Hot’ chosen by The Backyard Bartender, Nancy, seemed like a theme I could take a stab at.  Nancy’s rules were pretty simple:  “make anything you want to, as long as it’s served hot.”  It turns out the timing for hot drinks was perfect, as the PNW has suddenly become an arctic tundra zone.

A friend of mine recently gifted me the Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails book.  One of the drinks I had marked, but not yet mixed, was a hot toddy type of cocktail made with a smoky single malt scotch, St. Germain, and Chamomile Tea.  The Inventory is currently devoid of smoky single malt scotches, so what could be the alternative?   I recently attended a Japanese Whisky tasting with the LUPEC Seattle group that was generously hosted by Liberty.  Of the varieties that we tried, my favorite was Suntory’s Hibiki 12yr Blended Whisky and I subsequently added this to the Inventory.  Up until now, I have been enjoying the Hibiki neat, but this whisky might make a nice stand-in for the smoky single malt in my hot drink recipe.

Here’s my variation of a ‘Some Like It Hot’ Drink: 

ma chère margaret
1.5 oz Hibiki 12yr
0.5 oz St. Germain
0.5 oz honey (I might go with less next time)
4.0 oz Chamomile Tea

Build ingredients in a mug.  Garnish with lemon.  Enjoy.

This is my first submission to Mixology Monday.  I would ask that you all go easy on me.  I realize that my hot drink isn’t really that original.  But when I’m freezing in the arctic tundra, and need something to warm me up, I’ll turn to a hot-toddy drink variation every time.

Thanks for hosting Nancy.  I’m eager to see what drinks others recommend to take the chill off.


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