Lab Manager

Technically I am a Food Scientist, at least that’s how it reads on the fancy diploma.  I spent way too many years getting an ornate, fancy piece of paper proclaiming such.  (Note to self – look for ornate, fancy piece of paper).  I had fun along the way, but the job that pays the bills doesn’t have anything to do with food science.  So, to reconcile my mixed feelings about debt with no purpose, I’ve turned to alcohol.  Not in an ‘I need a drink to make me feel better’ kind of way.  But more of a ‘let’s think about the science of the drink’ kind of way.  The bonus, of course, is a (hopefully) tasty cocktail.

The majority of the Libation Laboratory bar is stocked with bottles procured from the local liquor store; supply somewhat limited, as I live in a liquor-police state.  Some of the bottles are syrups, infusions, tinctures, and bitters that I’ve made.  We’ve branded these “Little Dog Elixir” (see the Little Dog below. She doesn’t drink).

Lab Manager and Little Dog

I need some help and regular sanity checks with this venture.  CR is a willing participant and taster, with incredible business sense.  She’s a light-weight, but we’re working on that.

Me with CR, partner in crime and super-taster extraordinaire.


I’m going to write about whatever I want.  Recipes, bars, adventures, even some reviews.  You can email me at libation (dot) lab (at) gmail (dot) com.  If you think I am worthy of some tasty samples of something special that you are working on, email me and I’ll divulge the laboratory location.  Thanks for reading and Cheers!


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