Lab Supplies. Check.

I have attended various events where someone hands me their cocktail blog business card.  I gladly accept these cards with great interest.  And whenever I visit a new bar, I try to pick up a card on the way out.  I knew that at some point I wanted to get business cards for this blog site.  Moreover, I knew that I wanted to use Pike Street Press.  I had read an article a year or so ago about Pike Street Press and their use of vintage letterpress work for printing.  I filed that information away, knowing that I would eventually visit this shop on the Pike Street Hill Climb.  Well folks, the time finally arrived.  I visited with owner Sean Brown, who helped me realize my design for the cards.  A couple weeks later, I was in visual and tactical nirvana, as I held one of my new Libation Laboratory cards in my little hand.  Now, we’re in business.


One thought on “Lab Supplies. Check.

  1. I want a damn card already! 🙂

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